Tax on payments profit

As you probably know, from 01st March, 2012, it was introduced taxation on paid profit (shares in profit and dividends) and advances of profit, at a rate of 12%.

It is not a completely new and unfamiliar taxation because up to now the payment of profits realized in the period 2001-2004 was taxable, the first rate of 15%, and later at a rate of 12%.

The new rules include the taxation of retained profit from 01st January, 2000 onwards, and the profits are paid after 01st March, 2012.

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Taxation in Croatia 2012

VAT head rate 25%;

VAT 0%  – bread, milk, books, scientific magazines, drugs, implantants, cinema service;

VAT 10% – accommodation services, newspapers, edible oils and fets, baby food, water supply, white suggar.

Corporate income tax (CIT) rate 20%

CIT by withholding – for dividend12%, other 20%

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Crisis tax

Special tax with effect from 01.08.2009

Croatian government has introduced special tax that effects: salaries, pensions, dividends (only for domestic owners/shareholders) and other kinds of income.

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