Tax consulting

Tax consulting

Tax Consultant in its entirety.

You know how to create a market for your business. We know how to preserve what you have created.

Articles you’ll find on this web site are based on the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to take a look at the topic, read an interesting one, and contact us.

Do not wait for the tax inspector to visit …

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Financial advising

Financial advising

You have an idea, you are planning an investment, but you have insufficient current assets?

Make a business plan. Or contact us. We’ll help you prepare, we’ll make a survey and represent you before the financial institutions.

Provide for a satisfying outcom

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Payroll and fees accounts

Payroll and fees accounts

Although payroll and fees accounts are a standard part of our accounting service for some time now, lately there are more and more larger companies who decide to outsource this service in order to prevent information leakage.

This service consists of employee registration and deregistration and keeping neccessary personnel records.

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Accounting and supervision

Accounting and supervision

Ekonos for small companies
– accounting records, payroll accounts, financial reports (internal and external), tax reports with delivery to authorities. Basic principle: turnkey operation.

Ekonos for medium and large companies

– business records supervision-controlling, payroll accounts (so your company doesn’t have to deal with this segment as well), financial reports (internal and external), financial business analyses, audit preparations, etc. Basic principle: prompt activities on daily basis, while optimizing paperwork costs.

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Consulting and other services at starting a business

Consulting and other services at starting a business

You are thinking of starting your own business… you don’t want to learn from your own mistakes… you want to put things in place from the very beginning…

Feel confident to contact us. We’ll prepare you and lead you through the procedure of establishing a company or a craft.

If after that you want us to be your accountant, we won’t charge you for the above service.

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If you are dissatisfied with your current accounting, if you think the accountants department is “legging behind you”, it’s time to do something about it.

The reasons to the above are usually: a large amount of business, insufficient communication, lack of promptness or expertise.

We’ll propose a solution regarding the organization of the accountants department in your company according to the already existing or desired personnel structure, as well as your needs.

Contact us… solve your problems… and preserve your assets!

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